Daniel N. Caruso

Web Developer / QA Analyst

Logical thinker with a creative, well-rounded touch.

Praised as a rapid-learner in new subject matter – always striving for greater knowledge. Recognized for ability to multitask with precision in high-pressure situations. Effective communicator, efficient problem-solver and methodological prioritizer.

Experienced in the field of psychology – identified by ability to understand how people think, and what people want. Passionate for working with new technology and being able to customize the design of an interface.

Understands how to make something visually appealing and simple to navigate. Seeking to make the human-computer relationship a more immersive experience. Keen eye for detail – quickly able to notice bugs or defects.

Recent Work

Sutton Productions

Hired to develop a media company website - completely responsive with sidebar. Used Bootstrap to implement design.

FTB Server

Responsible for making site completely responsive for all platforms.


"Dan listened to our ideas and expanded on them, both creatively and technically, as he created our website and assisted with our corporate branding. His work ethic and attention to detail are perfectly honed for web design. Additionally, his innovative mindset and frequent suggestions for improvement make him an invaluable asset to any team!"

Zach Sutton, Sutton Productions

    Thinkful Projects

    Shopping List

    An app to add and remove items from a shopping list, focusing on interactivity with jQuery. Users should be able to check and uncheck items and I also added the ability reorder items with drag and drop.


    Showing off jQuery knowledge by using character animations upon clicking and interacting with mouse and keyboard.

    Fizz Buzz

    Shows JavaScript work by displaying numbers from 1-100 that are divisible by 3 and 5.

    Hot or Cold

    This is a game focusing on Javascript functions as the user has to keep guessing a number between 1 and 100 and is given feedback on whether they are 'hot' or 'cold'. Feedback continues until the correct number is reached.


    My music quiz that focuses on JavaScript data with JSON and arrays.

    Spotify App

    Designed a Spotify Application using AJAX to search for any artist's top ten tracks!


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