Daniel N. Caruso

Product Manager / Web Developer / QA Analyst

Logical thinker with a creative, well-rounded touch.

Praised as a rapid-learner in new subject matter – always striving for greater knowledge. Recognized for ability to multitask with precision in high-pressure situations. Effective communicator, efficient problem-solver and methodological prioritizer.

Experienced in the field of psychology – identified by ability to understand how people think, and what people want. Passionate for working with new technology and being able to customize the design of an interface.

Understands how to make something visually appealing and simple to navigate. Seeking to make the human-computer relationship a more immersive experience. Keen eye for detail – quickly able to notice bugs or defects.

Recent Work

Sutton Productions

Hired to develop a media company website - completely responsive with sidebar. Used Bootstrap to implement design.

Long Island Lou Tequila

Used Ghost blogging platform to create a tequila review website for a client - fully responsive with proper resizing of images. Implemented Google Analytics to track site traffic. Use of many social media integrations.

All The Blink Things

Was asked by client to design band website using Wordpress - Given the requirements needed for the page, an artistic site was developed with a unique flair.

FTB Server

Responsible for making site completely responsive for all platforms.



"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dan during our time together at Thomas. Dan worked cross-departmentally with several teams, and helped me deliver on technical client deliverables. Oftentimes, I would describe a client's needs and Dan would be able to develop a solution through his coding and product knowledge. I knew that anything Dan QC'ed would be client-ready and free from any technical errors. Furthermore, Dan was innovative and creative in his approach. Dan would make a great asset to any product team. "

Kerry Coppinger, Digital Marketing Strategist at Thomas

"Dan's web project management skills are second to none. During the course of his employment, Dan proved himself to be a dependable employee and a hard worker with solid problem solving and technical skills. I was always impressed by Dan's ability to complete the work assigned to him, even under the shortest deadlines. Not only would he meet deadlines, but he'd also explain his solutions in a way that non-experts can easily understand. Dan is a rare find, and will be a valuable asset on any team inquiring for his expertise."

Peter Azzarone, Digital Strategy Team Lead at Thomas

"Working with Dan at Thomas Marketing Services was a pleasure. Dan is a team player who performed excellent QC work on all website projects, routinely catching difficult to find development issues across multiple web browsers and devices. Dan is also great at understanding the needs of our clients, and working to develop unique programming solutions to meet these needs. I would recommend Dan to any company, and feel that he would be an asset anywhere that he worked."

Brian Balvin, Website Project Manager at Thomas

"Dan made my life a whole lot easier during the time I had the pleasure of working with him. His attention to detail and his ability to turn web projects around under pressure is exceptional. Even under tight deadlines, Dan produced high quality work, and was able to communicate difficult to understand dev concepts & tactics in layman's terms."

Drew Acocella, Digital Marketing Strategist at Thomas

"I had the pleasure of working with Daniel for one year, collaborating on several projects. We've worked together for many clients and aside from his skill, what I appreciate most is how reliable and responsive he is. His Project management and Quality Checking skills are amazing. I happily recommend him here on LinkedIn."

Sachin Chougule, Team Lead at Technosoft Engineering Projects Limited

"It is my pleasure to recommend Daniel Caruso for employment. I have known him for almost 3 years in my role as Director of Web Development at Vitamin World. Dan has worked for me on various projects over the years and has always been a dedicated hard working employee. Dan has proven himself to be a team player willing to take on anything that has been assigned to him. He diligently researches solutions to given problems and works hard to provide solutions. Dan is a versatile employee as he has tackled a range of projects crossing from front end web development to quality assurance. Dan's good natured personality and dedication will be an asset to company. I wish him the best in all future endeavors as I know he will be successful."

Kristina Rinaldi, Director of Web Development at Vitamin World

"Dan is an excellent team player with an positive and professional attitude. He's always willing to assist others no matter the task at hand to ensure projects are seen through to completion and is able to work on a wide variety of technical projects. He was an incredible asset to my team while we worked together."

Jessica Koster, Senior Digital Marketing and eCommerce Executive

"I had the pleasure of working with Daniel for two and half years at Vitamin World, Inc., collaborating on several site enhancement projects for the website. I was impressed with Daniel’s ability to analyze requirements and problems, identify solutions and reach out for help to keep projects moving forward as well as always remaining positive and professional under pressure. Daniel’s ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference. Daniel would be a true asset for any positions requiring solid technical and programming skills such as building websites and applications for cross-browser compatibility and comes with my heartfelt recommendation."

Jennifer Arguello, Strategic Marketing Manager at Natures Bounty Company

"You will not find a more dedicated technical resource than Dan. Always at the ready, Dan seamlessly integrated technical SEO concepts such as canonical tags, rel=next/prev in terms of pagination, noindex tags, and nofollow tags throughout the website. In addition, he easily implemented Structured Data / Rich Snippets via JSON throughout our page templates. Dan, also, helped maintain the technical aspects of our official WordPress Blog as well as upgrade plugins. Had the pleasure of working with him side-by-side, on a daily basis. Dedicated and thorough, Dan would be a great asset to any team."

Cheryl Galvez, eCommerce Merchandising Manager at Vitamin World

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Dan from the moment I arrived and he was not only an excellent teacher but also showed immense dedication to seeing projects through. Dan assisted on a complete platform shift, helping support the offshore team even during off hours that the project demanded. He has a high level of knowledge of the SalesForce Commerce Cloud platform, a specialized system, and most importantly, he is a committed person who knows how to get a job done while keeping a positive attitude. He is an asset to any company he works for and has a great eye for writing good code."

Aaron Crocco, Quality Analyst at Vitamin World

"Goal-oriented, knowledgeable, and eager to learn. Dan is a committed co-worker that will do what is necessary to help the team reach its goal. Truly a pleasure working with him."

Brian McIntyre, eCommerce Specialist at Vitamin World

"Dan listened to our ideas and expanded on them, both creatively and technically, as he created our website and assisted with our corporate branding. His work ethic and attention to detail are perfectly honed for web design. Additionally, his innovative mindset and frequent suggestions for improvement make him an invaluable asset to any team!"

Zach Sutton, Sutton Productions

    Thinkful Projects

    Shopping List

    An app to add and remove items from a shopping list, focusing on interactivity with jQuery. Users should be able to check and uncheck items and I also added the ability reorder items with drag and drop.


    Showing off jQuery knowledge by using character animations upon clicking and interacting with mouse and keyboard.

    Fizz Buzz

    Shows JavaScript work by displaying numbers from 1-100 that are divisible by 3 and 5.

    Hot or Cold

    This is a game focusing on Javascript functions as the user has to keep guessing a number between 1 and 100 and is given feedback on whether they are 'hot' or 'cold'. Feedback continues until the correct number is reached.


    My music quiz that focuses on JavaScript data with JSON and arrays.

    Spotify App

    Designed a Spotify Application using AJAX to search for any artist's top ten tracks!


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